Transform and Thrive

Reflecting on the Free Master Class June 8th, 2023

Key #1: Enhanced Focus.
Say goodbye to distractions and hello to better decision-making!
During the master class we discovered that our thought process is one of the things that can keep us away from being focused and staying present in the moment. We learned that the human brain produces 50-70 thousand thoughts on average per day. We went over the impact of the thought process and how it impacts our body resulting in mental and physical pain. We discussed the importance of how to release unconscious thought process and how to gain control over our thoughts instead of our thoughts controlling us and our actions.

We talked about the importance of understanding the energy behind our thoughts and the types of mindset that helps manifest our dreams into reality.

We also spoke about whether our thoughts create our environment or is it our environment that creates our thoughts.

Key #2: Clarity.
When we are in control of our thought process we are able to direct our focus on to tasks at hand. However when we are continuously present in a comfort zone we are unable to move forward, grow, or develop. We discussed the importance of having a clear vision, going towards the set goal and how to gain a fresh perspective and make informed choices for a brighter future.

Key #3: Physical Relaxation.
As we covered the first there keys of the Transform and Thrive masterclass, we also talked about the importance of our overall well-being. How our wellbeing has a direct impact on our decision making. Through a short breathwork and guided meditation exercise we worked through understand what is holding us back from achieving the goal we have set for ourselves, and we have received the answers on which steps to take next. Relieve tension and experience deep relaxation for improved well-being.

Benefits for attending free master classes is that you gain a different perspective of knowledge.
You get to practice conscious breathwork in a community setting as well as interact with like minded humans.
An online masterclass gives you an ability to learn something new in the comfort of your home.

You are invited to attend our FREE Monthly Online Masterclass.
Please see the EVENTS page for more details.

Next Free online Master Class “Rise Above & Soar” is coming up on Tuesday, August 1st 2023.

Hope to see you there!

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